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    Does Being Born to Older Parents Cause You to Think About Aging Differently?

    Lydia Goldblatt’s father was 60 when she was born. Her mother was 36. As a child, Goldblatt’s relationship with them wasn’t rooted in these facts, but, as an early teen, their advanced age caused her to think more closely about aging and the passing of time. 

    Although a lot of her previous work dealt with transitional themes, for a long time she had hoped to begin a project focused on her relationship with her parents. The London-based photographer spent roughly three years working on “Still Here,” which explores the fleetingness of time through images of her aging parents. It was also published in 2013 as a monograph by Hatje Cantz

    “In part its about my family: It’s about my father and my mother, and the space in the relationship between them and me, but it’s also not about them,” Goldblatt said about the series. “It’s about trying to answer completely philosophical questions about what it means to exist and pass in and out of life and how we perceive time and life and where we fit and all of those impossible questions… and maybe just recognizing the questions for what they are, there is beauty in the process of simply looking for them.”

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    Inspiração op We Heart It

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    Obersee, Germany | Mladen Bozickovic

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  5. “Supe en el segundo en que te conocí que había algo en ti que yo necesitaba. Resulta que no era algo en ti en absoluto. Eras solamente tú.” —


     Eras solamente tú.”

    — Beautiful Disaster - Jamie McGuire

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    probably my next halloween costume

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    He’s so proud that he swam all by himself for the first time.

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    Que cabronería.

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    © Photo: Nicola De Luigi

    more here

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